Can we create 3D RSS?

Can we create 3D RSS?

RSS technology is used widely today for communication and notification about changes in Web content. I think that RSS is massively undervalued as a technology for the PLM community and in Enterprises in general. What would happen if we used RSS to notify about CAD or 3D Content? Today’s RSS is plain XML content, but this content could be enhanced by 3D / CAD capabilities. As soon as this would be possible, we could use if for numerous applications – i.e. supply chain, collaboration among teams, and notification of customers.


 Such applications could be modified RSS readers. Since a typical RSS reader is a Web application, customers would be able to use it anywhere and anytime – in the office, while using Mobile devices, etc. This sounds like a very powerful capacity… what do you think? 

And for weekend, take a look on this nice video – RSS in Plain English.



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