Future Trajectories of PLM Services

Future Trajectories of PLM Services

Yesterday, I shared my initial thoughts and comments from CIMdata PLM Forum 2020. If you missed my blog, check this out here – PLM future is unclear and not only because of COVID19. The subject that caught my special attention in CIMdata presentation was about PLM implementation and PLM services. Check these two slides:

The trend around services is interesting and actually can get even more interesting within time and a reduced amount of travel that will be caused by the effect of COVID19. According to CIMdata, three major factors will impact PLM services:

1- Out of the box applications
2- Cloud services
3- More education and special skills rather than IT

I found cloud technology as the most interesting factor to impact future service models because it has its three factors – technological (there is nothing to install and everything is available remotely),  psychological (people will be more afraid to travel in the post-COVID19 world) and behavioral (once discovered that things can work remotely, it can continue this way).

it made me think that we will see increased demand in a few very important domains. Here are some of my ideas.

Online Education

Education is an interesting business. It was a significant business for CAD resellers for many years. PLM business is just discovering educational opportunities. As systems are getting more complex, I can see a big demand for PLM education. An increased PLM awareness combined with the need to deliver results will be introducing an opportunity to teach people online and provide courses and special focused education.

Special Remote Administration Tools

In the past, the PLM administration was always local. Servers, installations, setups. All these things required a presence on site. Things are changing. Legacy PLM software can be hosted. New SaaS PLM systems can be administrated remotely because access to these systems is available everywhere. The demand to do Administration online will be growing as well as an opportunity to do it in the right way.

Application Customization and Configuration

Development is switching to the web and cloud. It introduces a unique opportunity to change the way customization of PLM systems is delivered to customers. To develop online is easier and to make design reviews via web meeting is also much more efficient than spending time during workshops. New SaaS tools are providing a unique opportunity to develop new service providers’ skills.

What is my conclusion?

PLM service model is going to change. The demand education, administration and customer service development will grow. It will push organizations towards modernization and replacement of old legacy tools with new SaaS cloud-based applications capable to be controlled and configured remotely. Online education will open new opportunities for service providers. Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg

Disclaimer: I’m co-founder and CEO of OpenBOM developing cloud based bill of materials and inventory management tool for manufacturing companies, hardware startups, and supply chain. My opinion can be unintentionally biased.


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