How close is the future of surface computing for CAD/PLM?

I think everybody likes cool presentations … especially when they are about surface computing. So, coincidentally, I had the chance to see a few references and demos of surface computing in the context of our industry.  I think that these fascinating shows may inspire you to think further about how we can use surface computing.

First of all, in his visionary keynote technology presentation at SolidWorks World 2009 last week in Orlando, John Hirschtick, mentioned surface computing as a very important development for the  future. An example of a surface table from Microsoft was demoed in the exhibition pavilion and everyone who was interested was able to touch and move the CAD pieces by themselves, using their hands.  Thanks guys from SolidWorks APAC blog for videos!



Another futuristic example is the usage of surface tables for enterprise searches, demoed at the FASTForward Microsoft Event. Microsoft announced the integration of the FAST product line into the next version of Microsoft SharePoint. FAST, Norwegian company was acquired by Microsoft last year.

And, just to finish with something more practical – an example of how touch screens can be used with the existing Dassault Systemes 3DLive product demoed on DS PLM Day in Israel last year.

I hope you enjoyed watching these examples. I have to say that Enterprise Search was very inspiring and shows a lot of imagination about how our communication with design products could look in the future.



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