Where is PLM on Industry Cloud Map?

Where is PLM on Industry Cloud Map?

Continuing the cloud-zone discussion I have started for this week, I found this pretty comprehensive technological map for Cloud Computing, SaaS and PaaS industries on blog of Peter Laird and Kent Dickson. 

So, where does PLM fit into this space? There are a few service providers that have traditional server PLM applications and data services, integration services, content services and BPM services. On this map, there are a few interesting application providers such as Oracle, Netsuite, and Salesforce. Some of them such as Saleforce Force.com, are listed as PaaS vendors.

 So, there are many choices for companies to develop PLM solutions and place them on this map. Larger ISVs can find their place as providers of PaaS and Application Suites. Smaller and new ISVs can find interesting way of developing services and applications on top of data and integration services.




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