PLM: How to Enable your Cloud Relationship

PLM: How to Enable your Cloud Relationship

Continuing the discussion about cloud-based implementation of PLM, I started to think about the relationship between current PLM products and various cloud-based services. I think that these relationships and the potential connection between them can provide a route on the cloud for companies who are investing in current PLM implementations.

 So, what is a potential application? The most impressive capabilities of live systems on-cloud is the ability to connect people to each other. This means that if I have multiple users of my collaboration system (for example DS 3DLive), I can propose cloud services that will allow them to establish a connection between users in different organizations and in the supply chain. Such capabilities can be implemented by a typical IM (Instant Messaging) user interface. The differentiator is the ability to register and connect with users in multiple organizations. So, people  communities can be built around cloud services. The next practical use of this system will be able to recommend the right people with whom to connect. This can be a cool feature – the system  suggests the relevant people with whom to connect based on analyzes of information in CRM, ERP and SCM systems.

 Does this sound like a cloud dream? Actually, it’s not a dream – I’ve already seen some examples of interesting visualization, optimization and management of social networks. I’d like to mention one of them – This service allows you to visualize your twitter friends and recommend new connections. I believe that the logic behind the recommendations is sometimes different from what manufacturing companies may need, but the general principles should be the same.

You can take a look more about in the following blog.


Another closer example of the connection between enterprise applications and cloud applications is the information about and Twitter integration. So you join the Conversion on the Cloud. As a result of this, people are using CRM and other applications will be able to follow their customers on Twitter net. This actually shows real movement in enterprise applications towards cloud services.

 You can see more about this on Salesforce Puts Tweets in the Cloud.



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