Live World – Is it common future for CAD, PLM, AEC, BIM, GIS?

Live World – Is it common future for CAD, PLM, AEC, BIM, GIS?

Everybody wants to have “live access”, right?! I think that the marketing world has finally found the right word to explain our expectations from today’s systems. We want them “live” – that means being available all the time (24×7) from any device. I checked this out on Google Trends and discovered support for my hunch – the “live” trend is growing 

live trend on google

How does this apply to CAD, PLM, AEC, BIM, GIS and other product development systems? Here I found some similarities in the latest development of leading companies:

Dassault Systèmes presented their strategy last year for V6 and PLM 2.0. DS focused on live access to Product IP. DS 3D Live product was introduced the year before and presented a new user experience in 3D. This can be used virtually everywhere to present (Live) information about product.

And this is practically very beneficial – you can go (3D)Live and see what you mean with regards to current design, manufacturing and other aspects of product development. It’s also possible to have what DS terms “Lifelike experience” – the ability to virtually experience the product before it has actually been manufactured – drive your virtual car, fly your virtual plane etc.


So, it was more about the so-called PLM world. What happens on the other side – AEC, BIM, GIS? I actually found very similar picture.  What I actually discovered was many activities focused on the creation of live or virtual cities. This is very interesting since it actually echoes the same concepts of Live Access to building and construction data.

graphisoft live tokyo

So, I asked myself – is Live Experience going to provide a common trend between multiple products in product development, manufacturing, construction and building spaces? Will people be interested in having 3D access to product models, city landscapes and building information? What I see as most promising is the ability to share PLM and AEC, BIM spaces together, since all products, buildings and cities exists in the same virtual world that we will build.


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