PLM Prompt: 3D, PLM and Eyetracking Technologies

PLM Prompt: 3D, PLM and Eyetracking Technologies

I think we are moving fast toward combination of virtual and physical worlds. How we can get closer and combine our experience in these two words? In one of my previous prompts “Combine virtual and physical map overlay with G1″, I discussed how possible to merge physical and virtual maps.

Today my prompt is about how we can combine virtual modeling and virtual experience with eyetracking technologies. This is absolutely cool stuff if you think about it context of 3D modeling and virtual prototyping. Here few examples from company called Think.



I had chance to see also some eyetracking techno from our corporateblog 3D perspectives “Eye Tracking Super Power with Tobii”.

So, what do you think about it? Does it make sense in mainstream 3Dmodeling?

Best, Oleg


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