[Updated] PLM, non-PLM, PDM… where is difference?

Thank you for Jim Brown’s post yesterday. Why is implementing PLM is hard? Now, I’m officially starting my collection of different comparison of PLM vs. non-PLM vs. PDM etc.

Actually, my first one was from COFES 2009 (PLM vs. non-PLM). It was Brad Holtz’s slide. You can see it here.

So, I have two now and will thank everybody to send me more…


pdm vs plm

[Aug-3] One more definition of PDM vs. PLM

pdm vs. plm -3

[4-Aug-2009] Another one. More “traditional” in my view.

pdm vs. plm -4

[4-Aug-2009] one more…

pdm vs. plm -5




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