PLM, don’t fight processes – focus on people!

social-softwareDo you think PLM is about a process, right? Reading last buzz about social networking and product development I actually came to the conclusion, there is a significant change in PLM software eco-system toward understanding of the role of people in Product Lifecycle Management. Few interesting discussions about social networking came from PTC’s Tom Shoemaker in this cadalyst article, Jim Brown Clarity on PLM blog as well as some others.

Based on all discussions and conversation I’d like to propose 3 step recipe for methodology  how to approach process transformation in the organization and successfully implement Product Lifecycle Management strategies. These are my three steps:

1. Capture existing business processes. This is significant and important step in implementation. You need to capture the most significant processes in organization- processes that happen now. Whatever they do for good and for bad, these are processes that drive your organization now. So, this is a starting point for your implementation. As soon as you have it done, you can make analyses how you can improve it.

2. Establish Social Communities. What is the best way to analyze processes and think about their improvement? Yes,you are right – social networking. You need to connect people in different departments of your organization and present them a system with captured and functioning processes. As soon as you will be able to do so, people will come separately and in groups and will discuss it. The role of social innovation here is very important.

3. Plan process improvements and transformation. And, finally, this is your time! You have processes captured, you established communities and got people involved. Now start your transformation. Based on what people considered as the most important for your organization. Don’t fight to change processes that work, focus on processes that require improvements. Those’s processes were mentioned by people in communities.

I’d be very interested in listen to your opinion and feedback. This is just my opinion. YMMV.

Best, Oleg


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