PLM off Craiglist – Different Angle on Social PLM

plm-from-craiglist1Social PLM. Social Product Development. Social Network and PLM… I think we got lots of such discussion in the past few months. All of them, indeed, are very interesting and productive. I loved most of them and have to admit, social dimension in Product Lifecycle Management sounds as a very interesting option to me.

However, today, I want to raise discussion in a bit different angle of Social networking and PLM. How to choose PLM system? This is an important question when you think how to leverage wisdom of the crowd for PLM. I think, this question will be even more laud, as much as we will be moving to the future cloud services and more granular. In the end of the day, PLM will stop becoming a “catholic marriage” with a vendor for next 25 years. So, to flow into the ocean of available services will be very beneficial.

But what we have today in this space? How you can get a recommendation from masses about what PLM to choose? In my view, professional social networks, such as LinkedIn can become a place where you can get some knowledge and ask for other people experience.

Look on this. I browsed through Linked In Ask Service and found some very interesting discussions related to how to choose enterprise and PLM software. Furthermore, you can ask your specific question. When I don’t see something new in services like Ask, presence of such service in professional social networks can be very interesting social PLM option.


Do you want to make a try? Maybe your future PLM will come as a recommendation from PLM Craiglist?

Best, Oleg


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