PLM Collaboration on Steroids – Google Shared Folders

When I discussed a cloud options for PLM yesterday in my article, I mentioned that a very significant opportunity comes in ability to share and collaborate on the product related content (drawings, models, bills) when using cloud models. This option comes as a pathway for those companies and people that have a concern to store overall product IP on cloud storage.

So, latest feature introduced by Google DocsShared Folders is the best example of cloud based technology to implement collaboration approach. Actually, I think PLM vendors need to take a very careful look on such capabilities of Google Docs. I do see an option when many of the smaller customers will be able to use Share Folders in their current configuration to facilitate document exchange and collaboration with suppliers and across the enterprise.

A very good review of Google Shared Folders is here.
What do you think? Do you see it practical and useful for day-to-day collaboration?

Best, Oleg


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