Twitter Retweet Feature or How to improve Collaboration and Process Adoption in Organization?

I’d like to share some thoughts related to processes. There is a clear, ability to manage processes is very important. However, user adoption is very important. I know lots of systems that once implemented never been used or been used by a fraction of the people in the organization. So, when I’m looking on how Social Tools and other Enterprise 2.0 -like tools getting their path into the organization, I think this is something that can improve collaboration and process adoption rate.

I was thinking about micro-blogging services such as Twitter or Yammer. I had chance to post about that before. If you just get on plmtwine, you can take a look on the following posts:

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What drove me to think about it again? I was looking on Twitter Retweet project and thinking that this is a good example of how process interface can be implemented in microblogging. On the back-end it can be connected to any process tools you want. However, providing such process experience to the people may take it very much forward in organization. Instead of getting to complex enterprise systems people will be twitting their processes. Remember, simple wins all the time!

Below you can see some pictures from Twitter retwitt project (thanks mashable for pics).

Just my thoughts.
Best, Oleg


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