3D Warehouse Parade

I think 3D Warehouse becomes a hot topic. Number of 3D Content is growing. Yesterday I had chance to try out Autodesk Content 3D Warehouse BETA. So, finally, I got the sequence of the following products which are almost similar (or expected to be similar).

Dassault Systems 3DVia
Google 3D Warehouse
SolidWorks 3D ContentCentral
Autodesk Content 3D Warehouse

Initial impression. Superior 3D performance of 3DVia, Google is absolutely stunning from the speed standpoint. SolidWorks have a very good a practical set of search options including classification, which make it practically useful. It is too early to say something about Autodesk, since it is beta. I need to play more with this product.

What is my conclusion? We will see more content online for the next few years. Significantly more. And this is, in my view, will be the turning point that will move PLM from proprietary formats to open communities. What do you think about?

Best, Oleg


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  • Manuel Joseph

    More content will for sure come online, but its equally important that sources think of a generic format for publishing and reusing these 3d-objects. The first thing that comes to my mind is JT format, which is now ISO standard and all automotive are leaning towards using this format as standard.
    I am not sure, what these warehouses use as standard, but i know autodesk publish data as dwg/step?

    But overall, I think, one day we will see a cloud dedicated to standard parts or a cloud connecting all sources ( whichever way you want to think) and making reuse capability smarter.

  • Manuel, The need of format is obvious. However, I hardly believe it will happen. Companies (and users) will prefer to use native format to prevent translation hassle. Re-use will be an interesting problem. Thanks for your comments! Best, Oleg

  • Nice post Oleg, and I do confirm that 3D content is definitely growing, thanks to the offerings of 3D engineering content specialists like TraceParts (www.traceparts.com). But what you mention as the Autodesk Content 3D Warehouse BETA is just the new site of Cadenas, one of the 3 content suppliers selected by Autodesk inside their Manufacturing Community (http://mfgcommunity.autodesk.com/content/)
    I’m also surprised by the screenshot you selected from 3Dvia.com, which comes from the only 4 models uploaded by the same Cadenas, and not from the 150 uploaded by TraceParts (http://www.3dvia.com/search/models/traceparts) 🙂

    Best regards
    Gabriel Guigue from TraceParts
    (a friendly competitor of Cadenas :-))

  • Gabriel, Thanks for your comments. I definitely had no preference when choosing screenshots :)… It was on the “first come” basis. I wasn’t aware about Cadenas/Autodesk relations, as I mentioned I’m still learning what Autodesk did. Thanks for links… Best, Oleg

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  • Oleg I hope you have seen what Autodesk did and compared the 3D contends suppliers that are used. I am sure that the 3D content will grow in the future. What you wrote before concerning native formats is true. I think most of the users will prefer to use native formats because in those formats the can work as usual and if they have imported them from the portals using CADENAS technology they will also import the attributes of this parts. I invite you and the people who might be interested to visit our new portals and to see in a video in which direction the new technologies of 3D contents will go. Portal: http://portal-en.partcommunity.com/
    Video: http://portal-en.partcommunity.com/video/direct-integration
    I really hope you like our services and will be really happy if you could give me your opinion on it.
    Best Regards
    Andrés Marroquín from CADENAS GmbH
    (a friendly competitor from TraceParts )

  • Andrés, thank you for comment and shared video! Best, Oleg.

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