PLM Prompt: How to Present Cloud PLM Solutions?

How you can explain to customers about PLM on cloud (or on demand)?

Quite many times, I’m hearing a phrase “Cloud is not for PLM”.The cloud and on-demand topics were discussed multiple times, and I actually can find some very compelling reasons why cloud is good for PLM. I think everything starts from a good explanation. I found the following video (thanks Josh!) about Google Chrome OS as a very good explanation of why our life will move to cloud.

By the way – lesson #1. We don’t have to say “cloud”. It sounds complicated. Say – Internet! Do you like Internet? Yes, of course, we all like Internet.

Best, Oleg


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  • François

    Hi Oleg

    Have you remarked that web design, graphics, fonts, ppt clip arts, that are used today to explain things to people are using childish way to draw, or with a paper drawing style?
    That was true as well for windows Azure, and many other sites.
    Is there a trend in that fact? Only to express simplicity of the concepts?

  • Francois, You are right! The trend today is for “dumb simple stuff”. 5-7 years ago when we are talking about “dumb one button application”, everybody thought we are kidding, but now Apple is “one button apps”. Best, Oleg