Enterprise 2.0 Adoption and Social PLM

I had chance to read about adoption of Enterprise 2.0. You can take a look on RearWriteEnterprise blog post here. To see high-tech, manufacturing, aerospace and defense on the leading places was a very interesting and positive surprise.

I put it in the context together with DS Social Innovation, PTC Social Product Development and newcomers like Vuuch Business Communities . I think, Web 2.0 and coming together Enterprise 2.0 is getting stronger. In parallel, I see growing interest of enterprises to organize their system differently. Less interest in big and expensive programs and more interest in lean enterprise 2.0 initiatives. This is a main trend, that will define how PLM 2.0 will look like in 2010-12 years.

This is just my opinion. What do you think? Do you have any plan for Enterprise 2.0 tools adoption?

Best, Oleg


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  • Oleg – in short, I agree completely – and my job depends on us both being right! OutStart, as a provder of “lean” enterprise 2.0 solutions, endeavors to fill specific gaps in institutional information management and really streamline collaboration. We find that having well-defined products with a specific purpose really does help sell in the solution, as decision-makers (and particularly executives) need solutions to be three things – relevant, accessible, and measurable. It would appear as though the E20 industry (much like the Web did in the late 90s) is beginning to respond to these pressures, and refining product offerings.

    Jeff Whitney, OutStart

  • Jeff, Thanks for your comment. I will take a look on what you guys are doing in OutStart. How do you see E20 is different from existing enterprise solutions? Do you see them playing together? Best, Oleg

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