3D Marketplace or Potential Content Wars

Some thoughts around future 3D Marketplace. Few days ago, I had chance to post of future of 3D Warehouse. Thanks for Architecture+ blog picking up this topic in “Looking on 3D Marketplace” blog. Even if 3D content online is only in the early beginning, it is very interesting to think about possible evolving of 3D content in the future potential 3D marketplace. I can see few potential routes for 3D content online.

1. Supply Chain. This is the most traditional route that, in my view, already happens in portals providing online catalog parts. Decentralization, outsource design and product development will make such services even more important in the future.

2. Advanced customization. Relatively new trend in my view. Ability to provide advanced customization for products. Especially, this is interesting for products sold online. Ability to generate a precise models of product for visualization can be a very interesting approach for future online market.

3. Consumers oriented content services. I can imagine this scenario as demand of customers to get more realistic product presentation and experience product features online.

Thinking about great potential of 3D content online, I also want to alert on possible conflicts or even content wars. For the last 20-30 years, 3D formats remained a hot topic and didn’t converge to standards that shared between CAD manufacturers. How it can influence future content marketplace? Reading about Microsoft’s effort to de-index content from Google’s search here, you can only imagine the level of potential conflicts between all possible 3D Content providers.

These are just my thoughts. What do you think? I’m looking forward to your comments.

Best, Oleg


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