What Will Be The Role of Mobile Applications in PLM?

What Will Be The Role of Mobile Applications in PLM?

Mobile is growing. For the last few years we had chance to see massive introduction of mobile user experience. In the place where before we’ve seen only mobile mails and messages, new mobile devices (especially iPhones) are leading to the complete experience and capabilities. I decided to share my thought about why, I think, new mobile experience will give a new opportunity to PLM?

What is the most problematic side of PLM? I think, this is mainstream user adoption in the organization. PLM perceived as a complex, not usable and mostly required for engineering organization. However, there are many opportunities that can be discovered by PLM if the decision will be to move it to be mobile.

Process Monitoring
Most of the process monitoring is going via email or alternative process management applications. In this context, the information that needs to be presented and/or reviewed is relatively simple and list oriented sets of data (list of the approval, dependencies, open ECOs, issues, etc.). To have an ability to monitor these activities via the mobile device can speed up processing and operation of engineering and manufacturing organization.

This is hugely undervalued activity by PLM applications, in my view. To have an ability to report, BOMs, ECOs, Drawings and other information are highly valuable. To have it handy on your mobile device, in my view, will be a great benefit.

This is a growing opportunity in my view. I’m sure you had chance to see 3DVIA Mobile. I think it opens an opportunity for new user experience that can be realized in both enterprise and consumer space. I already can image how digital imaging can be used to resolve some manufacturing shop floor situations as well as consumer experience with new products buying, customer support and some others.

Marketing and Sales
Last, but definitely not least. Mobile applications can provide an opportunity to present product features, promote some interesting product usages, provide guidance and troubleshooting.

What is my conclusion? The main point for tomorrow organization – it will become dynamic and mobile. You shouldn’t be on  your desk to need information and make a decision. So, PLM needs to think how to embrace mobile and improve PLM acceptance in the organization on this way.

Best, Oleg


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