PLM Standards… Yet Another One?

PLM Standards… Yet Another One?

What do you think about PLM standards? My take is that standards like toothbrushes – everybody wants it, but nobody wants somebody else standard. After STEP and PLCS, I haven’t heard about any new  standard in PLM space.

Few days ago, I had chance to see the paper called “The Datamation PLM Model 2010“. The paper is free and you can download it using the following link. An interesting concept proposed by authors compare “application integration” and “data integration”. To my understanding, “data integration” sounds much better in comparison to application. It is finally meaning somebody is thinking about data assets and not about application and licenses.

I found two pictures in this paper very interesting. You can take a look on them below. They are presenting a respectfully “old” and “new” approach in PLM modeling.

What is my take on this? The reality of the manufacturing companies is multiple applications. The believe to align all information to a single PLM model is a very interesting approach. However, it may require to replace all existing applications. It sounds like a pretty complicated task…

Best, Oleg


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