PLM, Granularity and Engineering Numbers

PLM, Granularity and Engineering Numbers

I think, the future of engineering software belongs to solutions that will provide a higher level of granularity. More flexible and granular solutions will be able to provide a better way to be tailored to satisfy customer needs. In the past, I had a chance to write about granularity in PLM solutions on PLM Think Tank.

I found an interesting company called True#. What impressed me is the way to think about the most granular way in the engineering – Numbers. The brain behind of this outfit is Allen Razdow, the author of Mathcad. Take a look on the approach of True# in the following video.

The idea is very fascinating. I think, numbers are one big organizational mess. Examples of mistakes related to incorrect usage of numbers are endless. It will be interesting to see how to imply this technology into existing CAD and PLM products. However, as every standard, the biggest challenge will be to make people use it. From my experience, engineers hate everything that prevents them from making their job fast and efficient. This is going to be a true test for true#. Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg
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