SAP-Hemisphere PLM Trend?

SAP-Hemisphere PLM Trend?

I read the following article by Manufacturing Automation – SAP Taps Partnership for Manufacturing Software Enhancement. (you need to be a member to read it. Membership is free). The story is about SAP’s partnership with a company Right Hemisphere. The SAP-Hempishere partnership isn’t new. It was made initially in 2007 when SAP invested undisclosed amount of money to Right Hemisphere. SAP have seen PLM investment as an interesting opportunity. So what happens now? SAP is going to partner with Right Hemisphere. Below you can see a summary of what is going to happen.

SAP will integrate Deep View into the 7.1 version of the Complex Assembly Manufacturing Solution (CAMS) offering for aerospace and defense manufacturers. Deep View is a viewer technology in the mold of Adobe’s ubiquitous Reader application, allowing users throughout the manufacturing enterprise to view and interact with 2D and 3D data, regardless of their CAD or design software expertise.

What is my take? I see this partnership as a positive step. There is a significant border between engineering and manufacturing planning software. This border prevents many opportunities related to the optimization of processes in product development. R&D Engineers and Manufacturing planners continue to see product information differently. To be able to view and interact with 3D content as well as get more engineering information in ERP system can be a very positive step. It will be interesting to see how Deep View technologies from RH can be merged together with core SAP capabilities. Just my thoughts…

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