PLM Mobile Networks – Big Time?

PLM Mobile Networks – Big Time?

One of my blog readers asked about who is developing Mobile PLM? The question of mobile is not new. Everybody is going mobile these days. Lots of functions that require desktop or laptop workstations today can be done on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android phones. There are expectations to have more tablets later this year powered by Android device. However, I want to take this conversation a bit different angle.

Mobile Workdesk: Is it only about Device?

Mobile life has a significant influence of mobile devices. iPhone revolution definitely presented a different type of behavior. We have never seen it before iPhone. Now we have a bunch of new devices that provide an interesting behavior and opportunity for people. Thanks to one of my reader about link to the company called Porchys, developing mobile client for Aras PLM. There are two more videos of solutions focused on mobile options.

Nevertheless, I don’t see how mobile devices (even such nice devices as iPad and iPhone) can be beneficial when just connected to existing PLM applications. Something should be changed in PLM behaviors. This is what I call- move to networks.

Databases vs. Networks

Think about your IT organization. Everybody understands databases. However, who in your organization understand networks? Not so many people. The networking story is different.  IT people are saying – “Oh… my god. This is not a movie, we want to attend”. I think, old bad days when database was dominant are gone. These days, the network behavior becomes a major point of new application styles. Everybody in the network and everybody connected. This is a point where Mobile PLM option may have a big time. The real set of Mobile PLM advantages are in the ability of these applications to commute people in the organization and help them to communicate.

What is my conclusion? We are definitely moving outside of databases to the network oriented world. Mobile is the path to join this world. PDM, PLM and other engineering and manufacturing applications can take a ride and becomes more distributed and dynamic. The faster they will do so, the more market share they will take in the future networked enterprise world. Just my opinion…

Best, Oleg


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