PLM, Google Cloud Connect and Social Information

PLM, Google Cloud Connect and Social Information

I found an interesting news came from Google yesterday. Google introduced Google Cloud Connect function as part of the new GSA 6.8 release. You can read more on Google Blog. However, this is a short info:

Cloud Connect displays relevant, personalized results from Google Docs and Google Sites alongside results from moretraditional repositories, like file shares and content management systems. Easier access to collaborative documents, spreadsheets, presentations and sites with Cloud Connect speeds up how quickly coworkers can complete projects. CloudConnect also lets users search content from Twitter, as well as blogs and industry websites via Google Site Search.

Social Content

What is all about? The amount of information produced in a Web 2.0 way (blogs, website, microblogs, etc.) is growing. Together with information about people related to all pieces of relevant information it produced so called “Social Content” – hyped name used to tie all this stuff together. The ugly truth is just another piece of data that need to be stitched together with existing data in an organization such as documents, etc .. What is interesting that Google Docs and Google Sites data can be aggregated in the same way as other elements of social content.

What is my take? PLM mindshare vendors are dreaming about social content. But thinking more practically, social content is just another portion of data. So, this is an important lesson. Do you think GSA is meaningful for PLM-like implementations? I don’t have an opinion. I have never seen GSA in product development and manufacturing…

Best, Oleg
*picture is credit to Google Enterprise Blog.


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