Honeycomb PLM Attraction

Honeycomb PLM Attraction

Yesterday morning Google held an event presenting Android Honecomb – a new operational system completely focused on Tablet devices. Navigate your browser to this link to read more about Honeybomb features.

Tablets and Simplicity

Tablets are trending. After Apple sold 7M iPad devices during the last quarter, it became clear, people will love not only “form and function”, but the simplicity iPad brings. Many people tired from regular computer behaviors related to installation, security, patches, complexity of operations. I can see a functionality trade off decision users are ready to make in order to get simple web browsing and nice apps. The following video outlines look and feel of new Android Tablet OS.

Multi-platform Development

The multiple platform development is not a simple task for development of engineering and enterprise products. During the last 10-15 years, development almost focused on providing of Microsoft platform oriented applications. Will Tablet’s market change the decision? I think, the answer is unknown, for the moment. The adoption of Android platform during 2011, in my view, will give an indication for that.

What is my conclusion? I found a significant amount of new iPad apps created during the last 7 months by CAD/PLM companies. Will Android Honeycomb attract all these developers to create a replica of iPad apps? Until now, the attractiveness was defined by Apple device itself. How many new and cool devices will come to support Honeycomb in 2011 is probably the most important question to ask. Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg


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