PLM Migration to… Text?

PLM Migration to… Text?

Sometime data management Q&A looks funny. World Online Review published the following solution on the request about how to migrate data into the text. Hit this link to read a simple instruction:

1. In sql enter the command SQL>spool
Then enter the required select statment.The entire output is
transfered into the speficied file.The file’s default extension
is LST.Then enter SQL>spool off
2.You can also transfer the contents using utl_file utility.

Migration of PDM/PLM environment is a very complicated task. It is not as funny and simple like SQL recommendation. Think about the option to spool data out of PLM system and get it back in another system. Sounds complicated? However, wait a minute and think one more time… Data is in your PDM Oracle database. You just spool data out of your database. Do you think it is wrong? Not as wrong as you are thinking now. Just my thoughts, of course… YMMV.

Best, Oleg


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