PLM Implementations and KISSASSing

PLM Implementations and KISSASSing

Services is a significant part of every PLM implementation. According to CIMData, about 60% of cPDM revenues is coming from services. This is a huge number. Simplicity is another big issue related to PLM implementations. Keep it simple. Another important one is about to have C-level sponsor in an organization for your PLM project. To keep it simple and having C-level sponsor in your organization are, in my view, two most important elements of a successful PLM strategy.

The implementation of SharePoint always reminds me PLM implementation. It consumes a lot of energy, preparation, meeting and consulting work. The following blog post made me laugh – A new methodology for planning SharePoint Projects – how to win a tender. I learned a new buzzword or TLA (Three letter acronym): KISSASSing.

This is my favorite passage:

The problem I found with KISS is that when you pitch your design to other types of audience, for example, upper management, it tends not to be accepted. Initially, I thought it may be that management are less prone to like being called “stupid” (which is why I always phrased it “Keep it simple, silly!” – but that never improved things much), but the more I thought about it, I realized that those audiences just expect more out of a solution design than just simplicity. In other words – KISSing the upper management is not enough. This is why I decided to come up with my own new principle that extends KISS and adds the things that upper management really wants from a solution architect: Keep It Simple, Stable, Available, Scalable and Secure.

What is my conclusion? Simple, Stable, Available, Scalable, Secure.  This is actually, a very good slogan for PLM marketing campaign. Not sure marketing will take it. Have some smile :)… Live is short.

Best, Oleg

Disclosure: I’m acknowledging, this is my late Aprl-1 fool post.


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