PLM Definition from Dassault System’s Al Bunshaft

PLM Definition from Dassault System’s Al Bunshaft

As you probably know, I’m collecting PLM definitions coming out of vendors, industry analysts and just customers. Here are some links on blog posts with PLM definitions: PLM Definition – Multiple Dimensions by Prof. EignerPLM Definition – Corporate vs. Consumer Style?PLM Definition – Next Round?

I had a chance to read Boston Globe interview with Al Bunshaft of Dassault System. Navigate your browser to the following link to read it. In two pages, you will have a US-based perspective on what Dassault is thinking about CAD, PLM, Simulation and other related topic. However, the following passage caught my attention.

Q. Product lifecycle management (PLM) is the core product at Dassault Systems. How would you define PLM?

A. The most important word of those three is lifecycle. That’s what makes it more than just design. It’s managing the lifecycle of an innovation, from when it starts with a concept, an idea, and goes into requirements, definition, and the design phase. Then you have to simulate it. You can even simulate the manufacturing environment. After that we can track changes, parts changes, and defects.

So, what is my take? I found Mr. Bunshaft PLM definition quite balanced. Lifecycle is always a hot topic in every PLM discussion and an important element of PLM strategy.  At the same time, lifecycle is also one of the biggest challenges in every PLM implementation. Let think about ECO as one of the fundamental elements of Product Lifecyle – the implementation of ECO management is still complicated and expensive. In the end of the last week, I posted about Total Integration and the Future of PLM last week. This post included some examples of Siemens PLM strategies in this space and raised active conversation with people about TLCMS (Total Lifecycle Management System). It is interesting to see how lifecycle oriented strategies will be converted into future products and technologies. What is your opinion?

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