Comments and Photos from Dassault PLM Forum in Moscow

Comments and Photos from Dassault PLM Forum in Moscow

I wanted to share some of my notes from yesterday Dassault PLM forum in Moscow. Getting back to previous forums I had a chance to visit, the size of this forum was about the same. No official numbers were published by Dassault. My estimation was about 400-600 people. The number was different during the day. Moscow is a busy city, so I’ve seen people visiting only half of the day. Dassault team was presented heavy by local people from Dassault Russia office (the total amount of people in Dassault Russia is 26 people) as well as multiple guests representing Dassault brands in Europe and US. As a result most of presentations were run in English with synchronous translation. The fact of having original content is the obviously positive fact. At the same time, the ability to present more about products in Russian can be beneficial, in my view. Keynotes covered Dassault story in Russia as well as long presentation about Dassault System V6 vision and strategy. Some of Dassault brands (Delmia and Exalead) did separate presentations. Search twitter #PLMForum11 stream to see conference slides posted there. Here are few photos I’ve made during the event that never been posted on twitter.

Laurent Valroff, director of Dassault Russia / CIS kicks off the event.

The promise of Dassault V6 lifelike experience (4th generation strategy wave)

Dassault V6 Organic Architecture (frankly, I don’t know what is the purpose of “organic” term).

Two interesting customer presentations I wanted to mentioned specially. Russian company designing cable systems for space satellites made a very interesting story presenting how CATIA and multiple other PLM products used to save 35% of cable materials. Here are two pictures presenting cable design before and after PLM.



An interesting presentation about V6 implementation for Renault was probably the largest and the most complete presentation about V6 implementations I’ve seen before. The following slides shows Renault V6 adoption roadmap.

[Update: The slide was removed because it contains confidential information]

Dassault Management press conference

Few pictures outside of presentation halls.

And final evening entertainment.

What is my conclusion? If you ask me to characterize it in a single word, I’d say it was V6 forum. And Dassault Russia made all possible to present all V6 platform goodies, which was impressive, by the way. However, V6 implementation in Russia is only in the beginning. As I noticed, first customer in Russia is starting to migrate from Enovia SmarTeam to Enovia V6 later this year. So, the downside of heavy V6 presence was a limited amount of real customer use cases (most of V6 references are companies from USA and Europe). My recommendation to my Dassault friends is to think how to bring more customers next year and maybe have an open roundtable discussing V6 implementation stories. Just my thoughts..

Best, Oleg


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