Autodesk: CAD is done. Now PLM. The moment before AU…

Autodesk: CAD is done. Now PLM. The moment before AU…

As you know, I’m in Las Vegas these days attending AU 2011. Autodesk is preparing some big messages these years, and I hope to share my opinion about that with you very soon. Yesterday, I was attending media and press meeting with Autodesk execs, including Autodesk CEO Carl Bass, Manufacturing division VP Robert (Buzz) Kross and Autodesk Labs Director Brian Mathews. Below few pictures that can give you in impression of what I’ve seen in connection to manufacturing and PLM.

CAD is done. Cloud is coming.

There is only one company in the world, I know that use word “cloud” more extensively than  Autodesk these days. This company is Autodesk is aggressively coming with large amount of solutions that use cloud. PLM will be one of them.

Manufacturing: Global and Faster

It seems to me Autodesk is understanding the challenges of manufacturing these days. Global, Complex, Fast. You can see it from the slide presented by Robert (Buzz) Kross.

Q&A with Carl Bass

Carl Bass made his long Q&A with press and media. His appearance was very friendly. You can see a picture of Carl I made during the Q&A. I processed photo with “hipster” filter on my Camera+ app In my view, it reflect Carl’s mood during this Q&A. Carl answered on multiple questions about design, modern technological and industrial trends, software, cloud, etc.

What is my conclusion? I’m trying to make my conclusion about what I’ve heard in the connection with PLM. Autodesk is definitely recognizing PLM as a future opportunity. After what was done in PLM by Dassault, Siemens PLM and PTC, to democratize PLM will be probably a biggest challenge for Autodesk. Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg


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