Beyond PLM – Looking forward to 2012.

Beyond PLM – Looking forward to 2012.

Time is running fast, and 2011 is behind us. It is a moment to take a look in the past, make conclusions and draw plans for 2012. I wanted to share some information about Beyond PLM and PLM Think Tanks from 2011, made my conclusions and share some ideas about my plans for 2012.

Beyond PLM 2011 in Numbers.

Here is the short net-net of Beyond PLM and PLM Think Tank overall performance in 2011. I posted 337 blog articles. I’ve got a total of about 240,000 page views, which came to an average of 640 page view daily.

2011 New Year Resolution: Planned vs. Actual

I published my New Year resolution in the beginning of 2011. I never did it before. Frankly, I almost forgot about that. That’s why it was very interesting to me to Google my historical post and share with you what I think about the performance. Navigate to the following link to see the old post from January 2011 .

1. Keep a controversial informative discussion about Engineering and Manufacturing software. I hope I did well with that by feeding you with topics to discuss. However, I’m really interested to hear your opinion. So, speak up and tell me what do you think.

2. Discover new trends and opportunities related to Product Lifecycle Management. If you ask me about trendy words in 2011, I’d clearly say it was about the cloud and mobile. A year ago, I posted – PLM Reset 2011. The topics I wrote about were – cloud, mobile, social and end of Microsoft’s dominance. Autodesk made a final accord in 2011 by introducing “cloud PLM” and I think the overall you’d agree that these 4 trends had a significant role in what we did in 2011.

3. Publish Beyond PLM think tank posts daily. I posted 337 posts during 2011, which can be calculated as an average of 6.48 posts per week. My usual commitment was to publish every working day, so I’m doing well with the number.

4. Develop 140-char message oriented discussion on Beyond PLM. I wanted to learn more how to use Twitter to improve conversation related to PLM Think Tank. I hope, I was doing well, especially during conferences.  In general, I’m satisfied with my twitter performance. Sometimes it was hard to keep up with the speed. I hope to make it better next year.

5. Get at least 5 hours sleep regularly (this is probably won’t happen). Well, it was a complete failure. Beyond PLM as well as my new baby Inforbix asked for my special attention.

Beyond PLM in 2012

I wanted to share some of my plans for 2012. My vision is to continue providing you with the best place to discuss various topics about engineering and manufacturing software with a most focus on Product Lifecycle Management. At the same time, I’m looking forward to expanding range of topics from mostly technological to some special topics related to configuration management, product development processes and standards. Here are three projects I’m thinking about in 2012.

PLM Think Tank e-book. The number of posts and content is growing. It is hard even for me to remember the list of topics, discussions and materials. I’ll be publishing PLM Think Tank annual e-book. It will be available soon for free download on the blog website. Stay tuned.

Guest blogging. I want to expand blogging expertize and invite guest bloggers to Beyond PLM. I will be making blog design adjustment and hope to allow guest blogging in February-March 2012. Contact me if you have special interests – I want to discuss it more.

Website unification. I want finally to unify my blogging platforms. For the moment, I’m sharing content via my old website. If somebody had an experience in unification and merging of websites, I appreciate if you share it with me.

Advertising. I’m getting a significant amount of requests to allow advertizing on Beyond PLM. I didn’t make my final conclusion about that. My vision of Beyond PLM and PLM Think Tank was always to keep an absolutely vendor-neutral position, and I hope you acknowledge that. So, advertizing is an open ticket for me. I will decide later this year.

What is my conclusion? No conclusion. 2:30am in Boston. Time to think about tomorrow’s New Year party. I’m sure, some of my friends in Europe and Far East already making very close preparation to celebrate coming 2012. However, I still can catch some sleep. I wish you to enjoy the rest of your Holidays Break! I’m looking forward to talking to you about various topics beyond PLM in coming 2012.

Happy New Year!


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