ERP and “Visual PLM” Weapon

ERP and “Visual PLM” Weapon

PLM space is hyping these days. There are many news floating around about what happens in PLM industries these days. I captured some of the trends in my article PLM Perfect Storm 2012 couple of weeks ago. The picture presented by Gartner, shows two major ERP players laying beyond PLM companies and the rest of providers.

SAP and Oracle are huge software behemoths. Nevertheless, their PLM agendas become more and more interesting these days.  Few days ago, I stumbled on the following announcement made by CENIT – CENIT Hands-on SAP PLM 7.02 Workshop. The content is quite interesting. Among regular process management and change management topics, the one that drove my special attention — SAP Visual Enterprise solutions (formerly Right Hemisphere acquired by SAP). Watch the following video. Even if I found it a bit marketing, you can get yourself educated about what route SAP takes in visualization.

Now, what about Oracle? If you remember, few years ago Oracle acquired Cimmetry via the acquisition of Agile Software, which forms so-called AutoVue Enterprise Visualization Solution.

What is my conclusion? I think, ERP vendors are moving towards a more “visual world”. The emerging need is clear – to compete with “big three” PLM vendors that can leverage in full their belonging to CAD and visual world. Will PLM solution from ERP providers become more competitive in the future? With the absence of brand new accounts, ERP-PLM will be going to discover undiscovered industries or compete on existing accounts owned by PTC, Dassault and Siemens PLM. “Visual weapon” will make this fight more interesting. Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg


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