Marketing and the future of PLM Art

Marketing and the future of PLM Art

One of the unpublished rules of PLM Think Tank is not to talk about marketing. Marketing is a tough job. Especially, when it comes to PLM space. The high level of diversification is a nature of every product development organization. The nature of marketing is to invent a story that convincing you to buy a product or solution. These two normally contradict. For those of your who following PLM marketing for the last decade can confirm – it is probably the funniest place in the world. Zillions of buzzwords, thousands of power point decks, videos and flyers.

I stumbled over something interesting yesterday. Have you heard about International Visual Communication Association? No? Me neither. Nevertheless, the tweet message by Bruno Delahaye prompted that his ENOVIA film won Silver Award at IVCA 2012.

Navigate to the following link to see the list of all winners. The film name is Enovia – Your World in Formation. Get cup of coffee and enjoy this 3.5 minutes of PLM drama including – idea, action, characters, language, music and… PLM spectacle.

What is my conclusion? Actually, I enjoyed the video. Is there any practical relation to PLM? Nah… I don’t think so. Any collaboration platform can be used for the same purpose. To me, it was a first evidence you can just enjoy PLM marketing. PLM Art in action. Just my thoughts… Excellent job, Bruno. Thanks for the video and congratulations!

Best, Oleg


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