New PLM and Digital Content

We are in the middle of a very interesting process of digitalizing our life. We are moving more and more pieces from old-fashioned-content to new , completely digital , forms. It comes as a combination technological advantages of the internet coupled together with new devices that able to produce a completely different user experience.

Books and Digital Content

I wanted to share with you the following video clip made by IDEO about the future of books. I found the user experience providing a significant potential to change the way we consume digital information.


Efficient Content is a Key

At the same time, I want to balance this nice video with Joe Barkai of IDC – We don’t need iPads and iPhones. We need a better content. Read Joe’s post and made your opinion. I found it is very interesting. The important point is about content. We can improve devices, but without significant improvements in the content, all our device-related efforts will be useless. I liked the following passage from Joe’s post:

[…Those of us that have been in research, development and implementation of systems designed to assist technicians in maintaining complex systems know that the challenge is in creating effective task-specific content for a service technician, not the lack of a delivery platform…]

What is my conclusion? I think we are in the middle of massive introduction of new devices in the industry. However, usage of these devices automatically will not make software better. We will not solve old problems by moving existing PLM applications on new platforms. We need to see how to deliver a better content for new devices. The task-orientation, Joe is talking about, make a lot of sense to me.

Best, Oleg


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