PLM Cloud Switch: From CDs to AWS Marketplace

PLM Cloud Switch: From CDs to AWS Marketplace

I captured an interesting news earlier today. Amazon launching AWS Marketplace. Navigate to the following article to read more. What does it mean, in a nutshell? Similar to how is your ultimate online hyper mall to buy everything you need from books to furniture, AWS Marketplace is a place to buy cloud software for the company. Here is how Datamation defines it:

“AWS Marketplace brings the same simple, trusted and secure online shopping experience that customers enjoy on’s retail Website to software built for the AWS platform, streamlining the process of doing research and purchasing software,” said Amazon’s Terry Hanold. “AWS Marketplace makes it even easier to run software on AWS because you can find a wide variety of AWS ecosystem providers’ solutions, in one place, where much of the work involved in building and deploying solutions on top of AWS has already been done for you by these solutions providers.”

You can watch a bit marketing-flavored, but informative video about AWS marketplace below.

Simple Cloud Delivery

You can ask me, so what? Does it really make a difference? In my view, it does. The simplicity of cloud apps deployment and management is a very interesting topic. Amazon is taking one step up towards organization of Enterprise App Store where you can buy and configure any systems and applications you want. Just my thoughts…

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