PLM Smack Stories or How much PLM do you really need

PLM Smack Stories or How much PLM do you really need

Big. Bold. Boom! The one and the only SolidSmack is writing about PLM. Do you remember first SolidSmack mission statement? Unfortunately, I didn’t make a snapshot of that page. It was something like “to supply a daily portion of coolness to engineers and everybody around”. Here is what happens. SolidSmack is taking himself into wishy-washy conversation about PLM… Well, I actually do like it and add to my PLM definition stories.

Two blog posts caught my attention: PLM Software: The War Rages On and Survey: Is PLM Software Worth It? Both stories were written by Adam O’Hern. Two blogs are worth reading. Take it together with comments- I’m sure you will enjoy. Here are my favorite passages.

The case for PLM:

PLM is not any one piece of software, but rather a way of connecting various parts of an organization into a single cohesive system. It allows designers to more easily take manufacturing issues into consideration, and allows manufacturers to synchronize operations with marketing and distribution. It’s a way of linking design and engineering to marketing to manufacturing to retail and logistics; it’s a way of making big, complex problems more manageable.

Another quote is the elaboration on how much complexity (or structure) is enough?

The question is not whether Product Lifecycle Management is a good thing; clearly, it’s important that business processes be properly managed. But the structures we create for the management of our projects range in complexity from simple doodles on graph paper to massive corporate data structures, and everything in-between. Small businesses often struggle for lack of structure, while big corporations strangle themselves with excessive red tape. How do we find solutions that equip us for growth without inhibiting it?

What is my conclusion? Actually, I didn’t find any link on the survey. So, maybe it was a joke :). I think PLM gets better these days. With the introduction of cloud, Autodesk PLM 360 and significant focus on improvement of user experience, we have a chance to see something better tomorrow. So, do you think PLM will punch your face with some fresh portion of ECO business process ;)? Hmm… I’m not sure it will happen soon. I even don’t know if it is needed. However, I’m sure PLM is looking for simple tools to get the job done. Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg

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