Secured “PLM dropbox” with EMC?

Secured “PLM dropbox” with EMC?

Speak about the “cloud” in a business community and you have a chance to be slammed by “security folks”. Their primary concern is security and, sometimes, I have a feeling whatever you talk to them about, will leave them skeptical anyway. This is probably the type of people that are buying their first cell phone these days. Sort of people that according to the definition of a Roger Bell Curve will not buy “digital phone” until it is possible to buy “analog phone”. Nevertheless, some companies are taking cloud serious these days. I was reading GIGAOM article –EMC buys Syncplicity to serve as Dropbox for business.

Cloud-based storage — Dropbox, especially — has become the primary villain in the move toward BYOD (bring your own device) workplaces, but is also an area of strong growth for providers such as that can support business needs. With those concerns in mind, this acquisition makes a lot of sense for EMC… Already, BYOD is wreaking havoc on unprepared companies, including companies like IBM that should know better. Employees want to use their personal iPhones, iPads and Android phones that  to work from anywhere, but employers worry that sensitive corporate documents stored in the cloud on service

BYOD trend influence

BOYD (Bring Your Own Device) trend has a clear influence to the story of business dropbox development. According to the latest research the amount of employees supporting BYOD ideas is growing:

According to a recent British Telecom report, known as “Rethink the Risk”, 60 per cent of employees are already using their personal devices when they head to work, while 82 per cent of companies surveyed said they either currently sanction BYOD or plan to do so within the next two years. Almost half — or 46 per cent — of employees working in organizations that don’t support BYOD say they’d like to be able to hook up their own devices while they’re on the job.

What is my conclusion? I think the combination of BYOD and business dropbox can have a significant influence on some areas PLM today is focusing on. Supply chain, global design and manufacturing – all these implementations require efficient data-sharing capabilities. Secured PLM dropbox can do it. The competition is clear in place. Fun time… Just my thoughts.

Best, Oleg

Picture courtesy GIGAOM article.


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