The future of PLM Glassware?

The future of PLM Glassware?

Technological predictions are tough and nobody wants to make them. Back in 2010, I came with the following post – Who Can Generate 3D/PLM Content For Apple iPad? Back that time, the value of iPad was questioned by many people. Speaking about manufacturing companies, people were very skeptical by the ability of iPad to bring meaningful functionality.

Fast forward in 2013. I’m sure you’ve heard that Google Glasses are coming. If you don’t know what is that about, navigate your browser here. The initial leaks of Google Glass experience are starting to leak the blogosphere. Navigate your browser to the following article – Google Glass is finally here: Tech specs released, first units shipped. The article put some snippets of Glass specification such as display resolution (similar to 25″ monitor), 16 GB flash storage, 5M camera with option to create 720p videos and sync to 12GB of Google cloud storage.

Google is paying a lot of attention to developers community. Navigate to the following article – Google publishes Glass’ Mirror API preview for developers. It contains a link to Google Glass Mirror API you might find useful.

Here is another article that caught my attention – 10 things about Google Glass: Could this be Google’s iPad? Many of Glasses usages are clearly individually oriented. At the same time, author is raising some initial questions and thoughts about business usages of Glasses and how Glasses can be connected to corporate accounts. Here is an interesting passage:

Consumer Google accounts can be connected to Google Glass. No corporate connections yet. The real interesting connection for enterprises would be service-oriented businesses and Google Glass. For now, Google Glass is all about individual accounts. Google Apps access will certainly follow at some point. The business implications for Google Glass will appear later. Google Glass could become a productivity tool. Presentations, location data, sales information and real-time information on the go could be handy. You could also picture a person on an oil rig giving a real-time, real-world view of a product to a manager in Dubai.

Few years ago, Microsoft and BMW released a video – Manufacturing Future Vision. Watch it below. You will find funny, but many of concepts related to tablet computing world are actually reality now.

However, I want you to pay attention to few examples below very similar to what we can see in a futuristic videos of Google Glass interface.

What is my conclusion? The analogy of Glasses with iPad is very strong. Only few years ago, iPad was introduced a complete new experience. Now, we can see tablet computing experience in our everyday life everywhere. Business usage of tablet computer is skyrocketing. I can see Glass experience can change some of businesses as well. We are going to see many Glasware use-cases that will change company processes. Just my thoughts…

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