Non-3D User Experience for PLM

I want to touch today topic related to user experience in various PLM systems. Having such powerful function as 3D in user experience is, of course, very important. However, sometimes I think we really overkill by 3D. Few months ago I discussed this in my post (3D Limits…). During this weekend, I was looking on Google Side by Side interface for GSA and my initial thoughts were – this is good way to go for many comparison functions we have in PDM/PLM systems.

So, why “Comparison function” is important?

1. Many PDM/PLM user experience cases run around “search/what if” scenario – Bill of Material modification
2. The comparison function in PDM/PLM is the most fundamental function. We have to compare almost everything – design, bill of material, ECO content, selection of supplied parts etc.
3. Current comparison user experience in most cases based on old featured list/tree comparison user interface. As most of the user interfaces of this type, his main disadvantage, in my view, is a need for multiple clicks to explore tree and detailed information.

And why, I think Google “Side by Side” user experience can be efficient

1. Flexibility on search
2. Ability to run synchronously to compare results
3. Ability to drill down into one of the results without changing focus of another panel.

Finally, I think non-3D user experience is important. When 3D experience is superior in most of PLM systems, non 3D user experience was actually the same we used 10-15 years ago and continue to use in most of enterprise systems today.

What will be future PLM user experience? This is a real question we’ll need to answer in the near future.

Best, Oleg


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