PLM and augment reality in consumer products

PLM and augment reality in consumer products

You think PLM is boring and complex. Actually it can be fun and easy. I think simplification is one of the most important trends today in enterprise software. It helps to take complex technologies mainstream. Mobile devices made it possible by combination of camera, power computing capabilities and accessing data on the cloud.

I’ve been positing about two application realizing the potential of capturing user input last year in my post – PLM, mobile devices and capturing input. Two applications I featured were Autodesk ForceEffect and Dassault 3DVia mobile.

Augment reality can go long way. If you remember my another post – COFES, PLM and Augment Reality. I featured some very interesting futuristic examples of augment reality usage in BIM.

However, some of vendors and companies in consumer product space is taking augment reality mainstream even today. Take a look on the following article in The Verge magazine – IKEA app projects virtual furniture into your living room. It looks easy and simple by use your mobile device in your home. IKEA app is gathering information from IKEA catalog or online could store.

What is my conclusion? To simplify technology and make it easy to use and affordable. This is a way for many PLM projects these days to show their value. I imaging many companies today have product information located in their PDM, PLM and PIM systems. However, how to make this information shine out? Mobile tech and augment reality is one possible way to make it happen. Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg


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