Unthink and rethink 3D search?

Unthink and rethink 3D search?


I just came back from Autodesk University 2013 that took place earlier this week in freezing  Las Vegas. One of the memos that I brought back was about unthinking and rethinking everything we do today. The thing that struck me the most was the passage from Jeff Kowalski keynote- Jeff Kowalski, CTO: We need to look outside and rethink our tools, people, work and insight to navigate world today #AU2013.

It happened that topic of 3D search came few times in conversation with people at AU2013, which brought me back to one of my earlier posts – 3D Shape Search in CAD and PLM. The idea of 3D search or 3D shape search isn’t new. However, in my view, the difficulties of an input made 3D search very complicated. Compared to text search, to make an input in 2D or 3D geometrical form is not a simple task.

Meantime, the technology is moving fast. Two most powerful changes we can see is 3D printing and 3D scanning technologies. To capture reality of existing objects, modify it using  modern design tool and 3D print it is not a dream anymore. It made me think that 3D search can get a new life – we just need to combine it together with 3D scanning technologies. I was looking something to support my idea and, funny enough, found video that almost does the same scenario by CADENAS.

What is my conclusion? New tools and technologies will make us to re-think the way do things. 3D search can become a powerful function when combining with 3D scanning or design tools that can be used to make easy creation of basic geometrical form. Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg


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