PLM Professor Direct?

PLM Professor Direct?


Engineering and Manufacturing software requires some learning. I hope even biggest promoters of to make “single button PLM application” would agree with me that you need to have industry background, understand product development practices and get familiar with application and tools. So, basic and specialized education is required. The trend is clearly goes towards making it easier and more efficient.

My attention caught an interesting enterprise efficiency article Professors Don’t Need Schools Anymore. Not connected to PLM industry, article speaks about opportunity for professors to provide courses without specific school affiliation. Thanks for the internet, new platform Professor Direct allows to sell course online and establish new business model for eduction.

It made me think about social education opportunity in PLM space. I know very small amount dedicated instructors dealing with training in PLM world. However, the biggest value in product development eduction and PLM training can be provided by practitioners and people from manufacturing companies that ready to share their knowledge and experience. Online social education platform can setup a framework and helps to provide flexible PLM educational options.

What is my conclusion? I can see huge opportunity in using internet for eduction. To share unique knowledge can be a unique opportunity for many engineering and manufacturing people working on PLM implementations. Today, in person on site education is complicated and expensive. By cutting travel time, location dependencies and associated cost, we can open new world of PLM education opportunities. Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg


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