Why Big Data opportunity for product information is huge

Why Big Data opportunity for product information is huge


Time. It is all that matters for business. The demand of customers to solve problems here and now are growing. To present 5 years roadmap is important, but to solve today’s problem is even more critical. If something will kill our business today, then 5 years roadmap can be irrelevant. Access to information is in many ways one of the keys to save time.

Companies manufacturing products are drowning into the ocean of data. It starts from design information, product, engineering, manufacturing data. But it doesn’t stop there. Products are generating lot of information during their lifecycle – new trends for IoT will bring even more information to manufacturing companies. With the shift of companies to sell services (and not products), companies will be facing even bigger challenges how to handle information.

I’m sure you’ve heard about “big data”. And in my view, big data is a big challenge for PLM vendors. There are technological reasons for that, but it is also significant cultural and vision change.

I’m following how PLM vendors are making progress with big data technologies and solution for the last few years. Siemens PLM is one of them. Earlier this year at PLM Connection 2015 in Dallas I learned about Siemens PLM acquisition of Omneo and future development of big data solutions as part of Siemens PLM Cloud Services group. Navigate to my old blog – Cloud Services and Big Data.

Yesterday at Siemens PLM Analyst event in Boston, I had a chance to listen to the presentation of  Michael Shepherd of Dell about how big data can improve customer experience. Below few snippets of the presentation that caught my special interest and attention.

It all starts from the fact Dell is collecting an overwhelming amount of log information about what happens with customer devices in a real life.


Which creates a real problem of finding, slicing and dicing date. Which can be solved using different tools. A team of data geeks can work on the data and find a problem, but here is the thing – time is a problem. In most of the situations you would like to find a pattern of problem in a much faster way than team of data geeks can do.




This is where big data solutions like Siemens PLM Omneo can solve a problem. By collecting product information, applying variety of methods can bring data and find pattern in a much faster way.


One of the things that is very important is user experience. A combination of search and data exploration can be an interesting way to solve the problem. The following picture can give you few examples of how to do with Omneo.


What is my conclusion? PLM and IoT solutions a coming to the intersection of their data platforms. Manufacturing companies have a problem to process, classify, explore, search large volumes of data and relationships. PLM data platforms are hitting some limits here. This is where big data technologies and new data tools can come in place. Siemens PLM Omneo is a good example of such tools bundled into solution to save time to manufacturing companies facing data problems these days. Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg


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