DS 3DEXPERIENCE: Access any data and virtual twin

DS 3DEXPERIENCE: Access any data and virtual twin


I spent some time yesterday watching Dassault Systemes 3DEXPERIENCE Forum live streaming from Boston. Speakers – Bernard Charles and Monica Menghini of Dassault Systems, an impressive line of thought leaders – Jeremiah Owyang, David Rose and others. It was an opportunity to get some refresh about DS strategy and gather data points about solutions. My special attention caught few slides that can give some perspective on DS thinking and strategy.


Few years ago Dassault came with a new strategy – 3DEXPERIENCE. I captured the following slide that, in my view, gives a simple enough definition of what 3DEXPERIENCE platform is about – access, browser, search and visualize data from any application (including legacy and competition).


It sounds compelling. During the presentation, DS presented video of how to use 3DEXPERIENCE integrated tools from conceptual design to visualization.

3DEXPERIENCE System approach & Virtual Twin

A refreshed slide showing Dassault generation of products and vision (each one captured about 10 years of development). There are four, for the moment – 3D design, DMU, PLM and Business Experience. I was surprised a bit to see “Virtual Twin” buzzword in the title (note – PTC is using “digital twin” buzzword explaining a model that contains information about physical products)


I liked the following slide indicating that DS is focusing on how to get an easy access to the holistic information about product including system approach and multi-disciplinary data.


3DEXPERIENCE – Cloud and Mobile

Finally, a slide that gives some “refresh” on what DS is doing with cloud and mobile.


It is a bit unclear, but I captured few data points. Dassault is supporting public cloud hosting. Amazon Web Services indicates that you can get Dassault Systemes products hosted on AWS public cloud. Outscale is a company that stands behind hosting services and operation. Details and pricing are not clear. I wasn’t able to find any link with product prices.

Any devices, any browsers and mobile platform logos (Android, iOS and Microsoft). The only logo that I didn’t find was Mac/OS. Does it mean Dassault Systems is not providing native Mac/OS applications? It is not clear.

What is my conclusion? I think, fundamental of Dassault Systems platform and application didn’t change. 3DEXPERIENCE platform is a collection of integrated applications focused on providing access to information in a different forms – search, browse and 3D navigation. At the same platform, I can see clear direction to expand platform and applications in additional domains. The notion of “experience” gives a holistic flavor to that, which is a good capture of customer demand for better user experience and system approach. Technology vision slide (above) can give a range of applications and hints on future acquisitions Dassault Systems can make to turn strategy into reality. Just my thoughts…

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