3DEXPERIENCE and trajectories of BIM, PLM and …BLM

3DEXPERIENCE and trajectories of BIM, PLM and …BLM

Few presentations from last week 3DEXPERIENCE forum in Boston made me think about trajectories of BIM and PLM. In the past, I shared my thoughts about BIM and PLM – PLM common vs different, Autodesk trajectories of PLM and BIM. The topic is also in focus on interest by research and analyst firm – Is PLM answer for BIM paradox.

Model driven approach and project oriented lifecycle

Presentation by MG McGrath shared experience of using CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE in large unique building constructions. It includes very sophisticated 3D modeling and project delivery lifecycle. The following few pictures can give you an idea.

My favorite one is a topic of coordination or work of multiple sub-contractors and multiple data sources -2D, 3D, point clouds.

How many D’s do you want – 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D…

Another presentation of 3DEXPERIENCE tools at SNC LAVALIN shows you N(D) methodology and introduce BLM (Building Lifecycle Management) ideas, that are not very much different from core PLM principles of managing design, single source of information, automated process, optimization and optimization of overall project lifecycle.

Integrated project lifecycle is a highest level of maturity of BLM

The overall process seems to be very similar between PLM and BIM projects.

Will Dassault Systemes turn PLM into BIM / BLM?

This is a good question to ask… As I was looking at example of projects, the idea of synergy between PLM and BIM tools became more and more obvious. As it was mentioned many times, BIM and PLM has different stakeholders and business models. But the ideas and tools are very similar.

What is my conclusion? I think, digital transformation is an opportunity to bring PLM and BIM even closer then ever. Both project and product lifecycles are similar and includes lot of design, data management, modeling, project lifecycle and process organization. Both, major PLM companies and industrial and construction businesses are looking for cross industry scenarios. It will open new areas of competition between players in PLM, BIM and industrial projects. Just my thoughts.. .

Best, Oleg

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