Demystify Modern PLM – 4-Part Online Educational  Event by OpenBOM and Share PLM

Demystify Modern PLM – 4-Part Online Educational Event by OpenBOM and Share PLM

Technologies are simple, but people are hard. I’ve heard this phrase from somebody more than a decade ago and I love it. Not to diminish the importance of the technologies, but if anything I learned during the last 20 years is that people can screw up any technology. Technologies are absolutely necessary, but it is not less important to figure out the way to transform the organization and introduce changes to an organization.

We’ve been overwhelmed with virtual events since the COVID pandemic hit us. For the last few months, I’ve been thinking about how to organize the event that will help people to learn and sort out everything that happens in a modern PLM development. However, PLM means different things to different people and companies. For some of them, it is about how to get rid of a bunch of Excel files and organize their data. For some others is how to manage files and for many companies, it is about how to transform their process from old document-focused ways to do work to become data-driven in everything.

I’m super excited about the partnership we made at OpenBOM with Share PLM to create this virtual conference. We wanted to share the knowledge and experience about developing modern PLM systems and helping customers to get up to speed with the technologies.

Starting next week Helena Gutierrez of Share PLM and myself will be co-hosting a four-part virtual event: “Demystifying Modern PLM”!

In this free web event, Helena and I will hold four live discussions where they will talk about aspects of modern product development environments, and focus on best practices that both companies have gathered through their work with customers across the globe.

This event is for manufacturing companies, engineers, contractors, and suppliers who work in a modern online industrial world where they need to collaborate with teams located everywhere, and they must embrace the best technology to deliver innovative products.

The schedule for the event sessions is as follows:

26.10.21 Technology: Understanding the Characteristics of Modern PLM Software

28.10.21 Sales: Evaluating and Selecting Your Cloud PLM System

02.11.21 Products: Rethinking Your Products for the Digital Age

04.11.21 Education: Bringing Your People On Board and Reaping the Benefits of PLM

Every session will take place at 10:00 EDT/16:00 CET.

By registering for this event, you will have access to all four live sessions, so you can come to all or as many as you can. Make sure to mark the days on your calendar so you don’t miss any of these awesome sessions!

Click here to register! We look forward to seeing you there!

What is my conclusion?

There is no conclusion for today :). I’m super excited and cannot wait for the events for the following two weeks. I know finding the time is hard, but don’t worry. Register to the event and we will send you links with the recording.

Best, Oleg

Disclaimer: I’m co-founder and CEO of OpenBOM developing a digital network-based platform that manages product data and connects manufacturers, construction companies, and their supply chain networksMy opinion can be unintentionally biased.


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