Meet at 3DEXPERIENCE World 2024?

Meet at 3DEXPERIENCE World 2024?

3DEXPERIENCE World, formerly known as SolidWorks World, doesn’t require much introduction among the design and manufacturing communities. It is the place to meet SOLIDWORKS people and meet from industry leaders attending the event and learn how to drive innovation. This event stands as the largest gathering of mechanical engineers and professionals from various industries, including machinery, industrial equipment, high-tech, medical, aerospace, and automotive. It’s a grand showcase of innovation and collaboration in the world of design and manufacturing. In the past I attended SWW and 3DXW many times to learn and meet friends and colleagues. Last year, event back to in-person format after COVID years.

The Place

This year, 3DEXPERIENCE World makes a much-anticipated return to Dallas, TX (btw, if you’re Texas resident, you can get a discount- 3DXW24TXRESIDENT200), a city that last hosted the event in 2019. 

My memories of Dallas and its convention center from the last event are fond and vivid, filled with the energy and excitement of a community coming together.

Live and Hybrid

In a post-COVID world, the event has adapted, offering livestreams for those who cannot attend in person. However, this year, there’s a palpable sense of returning to a more traditional in-person experience, marking a shift from the predominantly hybrid format of recent years.

Here is a link to all LIVE sessions you can watch at 3DEXPERIENCE World 2024. 

Sessions, Community, Partners, Media

The event spans four days of general sessions, numerous breakout sessions, and a trade show now known as the “3DEXPERIENCE Playground”. My personal interest lies in the community aspect of 3DXW – the opportunity to meet, discuss, and share experiences and challenges with peers is invaluable.

3DXW serves as an excellent platform for meeting partners, analysts, and media. The event provides a comprehensive overview of the latest trends and insights in the industry. Here are some articles previewing the sessions and events you can expect at 3DXW 2024. 

Engineers Rule guide for 3DEXPERIENCE WORLD 2024

GoEngineer Guide for 3DEXPERIENCE WORLD 2024

Javelin Guid for 3DEXPERIENCE WORLD 2024

PLM Group: An inside geek’s paradise of 3DEXPERIENCE WORLD

For me, SOLIDWORKS event was always about work smarter and improve execution. I’m reading commentary and forums about SOLIDWORKS development, issues with 3DEXPERIENCE and questions asked by users. 3DEXPERIENCE World is the best place to learn the truth and feel the pulse of Solidworks community. 

Top 5 Things I Expect To Leran at 3DEXPERIENCE WORLD 2024

3DEXPERIENCE world is a great event to meet people and learn about everything about things related to SOLIDWORKS. It is about how to maximize product development capabilities, accelerate innovation, share knowledge, learn form industry leaders, learn from technology partners, and the most important thing – connect to vibrant community of SOLIDWORKS users. 

  1. 3DEXPERIENCE Data Management for SOLIDWORKS: Understanding its functionality and gathering insights from its users since its introduction last year.
  2. Cloud Adoption Among SOLIDWORKS Customers: Evaluating the trend and its impact on the user community.
  3. Competition Landscape: Analyzing the dynamics between SOLIDWORKS and parallel platforms like Autodesk and PTC Onshape.
  4. Vertical Integration in 3DEXPERIENCE Platform: Exploring how SOLIDWORKS integrates with other solutions within the 3DEXPERIENCE ecosystem.
  5. Partners and Resellers Business: Investigating the evolving landscape of VARs (Value-Added Resellers) in the SOLIDWORKS community, particularly focusing on their growth and consolidation trends.

In my view, people is the best value of 3DEXPERIENCE World. These days you can learn everything on the internet and watch any session virtually. However, as we learned during COVID years, it is not a replacement to meeting people live. 

What is my conclusion?

3DEXPERIENCE World, the successor of SolidWorks World, remains the premier venue for designers and engineers from all around the globe to connect and collaborate. As the event approaches, I’m eagerly looking forward to the interactions, learning opportunities, and the chance to reconnect with the community. 

If you’re planning to attend 3DEXPERIENCE WORLD 2024, feel free to reach out to me directly – let’s meet and share our experiences.

Best, Oleg

Disclaimer: I’m co-founder and CEO of OpenBOM developing a digital-thread platform with cloud-native PDM & PLM capabilities to manage product data lifecycle and connect manufacturers, construction companies, and their supply chain networks. My opinion can be unintentionally biased.


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