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3DLive, HD3D and demand for CAD/PDM immersivity

Few months ago, in this post, I had chance to discuss the future of immersive CAD and Data Management. Looking on the latest DE  article by Kenneth Wong, NX7 with HD3D: Where CAD Geometry and Lifecycle Data Mingle, I found it very interesting to couple it together with some of…


PDM vs. PLM – Is this about Process?

I was reading interesting article during the weekend- PLM & The Importance Of Process by Gary S. Vasilash. Gary is the founding editor of Automotive Design & Production (AD&P) Magazine.There are few very interesting points were made by Gary and I liked it very much. Gary is discussing PLM topic…


[Updated] PLM, non-PLM, PDM… where is difference?

Thank you for Jim Brown’s post yesterday. Why is implementing PLM is hard? Now, I’m officially starting my collection of different comparison of PLM vs. non-PLM vs. PDM etc. Actually, my first one was from COFES 2009 (PLM vs. non-PLM). It was Brad Holtz’s slide. You can see it here….