PLM Content Downstream Usage, Googlenomic and Futuristic Search…

PLM Content Downstream Usage, Googlenomic and Futuristic Search…

I’m getting back again to the topic of PLM content. I think this is one of the most exciting topics we can talk about. This is actually “Product” – PLM. This is all the knowledge we create about products from different aspects – starting from “why we need it?” (Requirements), continuing through “how will we use it?” (Function) and ending up with “how can I dispose it” (regulations, etc.). PLM pretends to manage all or this product information or, how I prefer to call it, PLM content.

Content is King. Therefore, PLM, having this goldmine, needs to think about how to use this product data downstream. If you take Google Maps as an example, I see how Maps (actually GIS content) was connected to provide valuable information for us. In this case, a simple Map was used to provide contextual information for application behaviors around Google Map.

So, in the case of PLM, having information about product models, usages, and lifecycles, we can try to release this information for people downstream and allow them to access it using various scenarios–

Buying experience: I want to have information about the product I’m buying.

Social experience: I want to have information about who is using this product.

Lifecycle experience: I want to have information about this product in the past.

There are many other scenarios as well.  I’m sure we can find the ways to use product content in downstream applications – asset management, support, maintenance. Let me know if you see any other examples that excite you…

Now, how is it possible to use it? In this context, I want to bring a few examples of futuristic search  solutions from Behance Network Projects. Yes, this is not available today. But look on how we can use product content in different ways. I think that many of the examples below will exist in the near future.





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  • I think content is king (somebody has previously said this, I’m not sure who). For manufacturers I believe supply chain content, supplier content, etc. will become even more important in the future. If we think about all of the recent news about the chain of custody for products (pistachios, peanuts, toy trains, ROHS, REACH, etc.) I think people will want to start to capture much richer metadata about products and specifications as they design and then as they produce and distribute. It’s a challenging data collection, storage and retrieval problem, but will become increasingly necessary (I believe)

  • Mark, thanks! I agree – we are going to see increased needs for content that can come from today’s Product Development environment for different purposes. It starts from regulation and supply chain and will continue int he future.

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