What will drive 3D and CAD after recession?

Do you know what technology will kick-in after-recession time? I think, everybody was too focused on the first-ever Microsoft layoff… At the same time, Microsoft is continuing to work on what they future surface. And even though everybody says that there will be nothing before 2012-13, solution was presented and it looks intriguing.

I found this technology very interesting as I think that it can provide future visualization and immersive design infrastructure for CAD. It’s, of course, too early to say something specific, but this is a place to watch in the future. What I see is the visualization of CAD and/or GIS models but in a completely different immersive format.

Another quite interesting example of technology was the recent publication about Google O3D. This is a completely different technology that brings rich media type visualization. This is another example of how today’s game technologies might be reused by tomorrow’s design/ CAD applications.

What is common between these two technologies and why have I put them together? The current visualization and user experience in CAD systems is far from ideal. Therefore, I see that these technologies are emerging to bring more value to the CAD and PLM systems of tomorrow.

What is your view?


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  • Jovan

    I am a big believer of the augmented reality from which second light is an avatar.
    You would augment the reality of your design with relevant data of your choice. It will then show you directly the right information… The first step was to have those information on the screen, and that’s what 3Dlive does. We are several step behind befor ethis technology matures, mais imagine you do a setreolithography of a part, and while you’re watching it, all annotation would appear in 3D in front of you… That’ll be nice.
    Let’s go further… You go in a phone store. All informations for the specific phone you are watching are accessible directly from the OEM data. You don;t like it because you think the screen is not big enough, the data is sent to the OEM directly. Better reactivity, better communication between a company and its customer speaking the same language… 3D.
    An old dream…

  • Yannis, Thanks for your comment. What you put is very futuristic way to inter-operate between consumer and manufacturer. To put right rep on the screen is a key. To be able to get contextually-relevant information this is second key capabilities. But in parallel, only for design world, I see benefit in be able to get right 3D information for designers, engineers. This is for 3D Live partially starting to do and I believe, capabilities will grow. -Oleg.