What will drive 3D and CAD after recession?

Do you know what technology will kick-in after-recession time? I think, everybody was too focused on the first-ever Microsoft layoff… At the same time, Microsoft is continuing to work on what they future surface. And even though everybody says that there will be nothing before 2012-13, solution was presented and it looks intriguing.

I found this technology very interesting as I think that it can provide future visualization and immersive design infrastructure for CAD. It’s, of course, too early to say something specific, but this is a place to watch in the future. What I see is the visualization of CAD and/or GIS models but in a completely different immersive format.

Another quite interesting example of technology was the recent publication about Google O3D. This is a completely different technology that brings rich media type visualization. This is another example of how today’s game technologies might be reused by tomorrow’s design/ CAD applications.

What is common between these two technologies and why have I put them together? The current visualization and user experience in CAD systems is far from ideal. Therefore, I see that these technologies are emerging to bring more value to the CAD and PLM systems of tomorrow.

What is your view?


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