PLM Prompt: Value of PLM Vertical Solutions

Short prompt on interesting Oracle partners push to more specialized veriticals. PLM is one of them. It confirms Product Lifecycle Management value for customers and shows hight margins of PLM solutions in protfolios of big enterprise vendors (Oracle, SAP, IBM etc…).

I’d expect interest of big enterprise in specialized PLM solutoins. Just my opinion…


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  • Steve Calvert

    If Oracle does have a specific PLM or in our case a PDM offering, I’d expect our management to buy in on it. We’re knee deep in Oracle as our MRP system and will be going more Global in the near future. We have Smarteam now but the bean counters wouldn’t care if we could get a PDM like offering along with Oracle.


  • Steve, You are right. This is, in my view, reason why Oracle is interesting to push vertical solutions forward.